Top 7 Reasons to Purchase a New Home in Scottsdale in 2022

Top 7 Reasons to Purchase a New Home in Scottsdale in 2022

When you purchase a new home, you want to make sure you’re in the right area. Scottsdale is an oasis on the outskirts of the rough and tough Sonoran Desert. Scottsdale marries the rugged feel of the Wild West with the cosmopolitan appeal of the big cities.
A suburb of Phoenix, Arizona’s state capital, the city is far enough away to avoid the noise and congestion of heavy urban traffic while close enough to an array of luxurious amenities to make your life here exciting yet serene.
So, why buy a house in Scottsdale compared to everywhere else? Homeowners who are young couples or budding families often have the same concerns they want a new and vibrant neighborhood, top-notch education for their kids, convenient places to shop, amazing outdoor areas to explore, a thrilling nightlife, and proper security to ensure their safety.
If you’re a golfer, look no further, as over 200 golf clubs will let you polish your skills on some of the poshest country clubs in the country. Scottsdale has all of this on offer, and that’s why homeowners are flocking to this majestic suburb.
Let’s go over why buying a house in Scottsdale in 2022 is the best investment you can make.


As one of the hottest suburbs in the southwestern United States, Scottsdale is a firm investment whether you plan on living here long term or investing in the short term. The median sale price of a home is only $630,000, which is a 21.3% increase over the previous year.
That shows an abundant amount of demand in the area, but also means prices won’t stay low for much longer. Accordingly, the median number of days homes here stay on the market is only 45 days.
Imagine having to suddenly move with your family due to job relocation or other reasons, and being able to sell your home in less than 2 months! This gives homeowners here a strong assurance that their investment will only bear fruit in later years.


World-class companies call Scottsdale and nearby cities their home. Top employers include such large and reputable companies such as Mayo Clinic, which is the #16 best hospital in the country, General Dynamics, a global aerospace and defense company with revenues of over $36 billion, Go Daddy, a tech leader in domain name registration and web hosting, and the Vanguard Group, a multibillion-dollar investment advisory company.
Obviously, if some of the country’s largest companies choose to build a satellite company here, it has ideal conditions for its employees, and by extension, homeowners. That means not only can you be employed by a top company, but in your day-to-day life, you’ll be meeting well-educated people who are interesting to talk to.
There is also a wide range of businesses in virtually every industry operating out of Scottsdale. The possibilities for employment and socializing are truly endless.


Whether you’re a budding amateur or a seasoned pro, Scottsdale is a paradise for golf lovers. There are over 200 area golf courses for you to tee up on, beautifully landscaped for unforgettable games with family and friends. Scottsdale residents are golf crazy, so there is no shortage of shops to buy clubs, tees, attire, or get personally trained by expert coaches.
Due to the desert climate, you can golf here most months out of the year, a claim which many other golfing areas struggle to match owing to cold winter months. Scottsdale is also home to the Phoenix Open, an exciting and competitive golfing tournament on the PGA Tour.


What goes on in Scottsdale, stays in Scottsdale. In other words, Scottsdale’s entertainment district is home to one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in the state. Many of the most famous clubs are frequented by celebrities and socialites who want an alternative to the scenes in Phoenix, Las Vegas, or even Los Angeles.
Clubs and bars like The Mint, WET Deck, The Beverly, Center Stage Bar, and Dierk Bentley’s Whiskey Row all have different appeals whether you’re more into an outdoor dance scene with the latest techno jams or a more cozy, live band atmosphere. Not only will you enjoy the ambiance of all the clubs in Scottsdale, but you’ll meet some of the coolest people in the Southwest while you’re there.


Just a glance at Tripadvisor’s trips and tour listings in Scottsdale will get your adrenaline rushing. From taking a fast and furious jeep, bike, or ATV tour to a relaxing sunset in the Sonoran desert, taking in the awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon, or experiencing the delicate flavors of local wines at the Horse County Estate and Vinyard, there is simply no end to the fun and exciting activities to do here whether alone or with your whole family.
Scottsdale is also nearby to the OdySea Aquarium and Phoenix Indoor Skydiving which is perfect for the kids!


Scottsdale has over 300 days of sunshine annually, so it’s no wonder many of the restaurants are geared to “al fresco” dining, meaning dining outdoors! That means restaurants here have lovely patios to dine in and enjoy the sights including The Canal Club, Cielo @ ADERO, and El Chorro provide amazing views, especially during sunset.
Scottsdale also has some of the country’s best steaks, with steakhouses like Bourbon Steak, Fogo de Chao, J&G Steakhouse, and Maple &Ashe boasting a mix of traditional steak dishes and Mexican fusion cuisine to delight any appetite.


At the end of the day, security is what matters most to local residents. There’s no point buying a house and having your family live in a city where crime is rampant. Luckily, Scottsdale is one of the safest cities in the country. While not completely devoid of crime, Scottsdale’s crime rate is 15% lower than the national average, violent crimes are 58% lower than the national average and is safer than half the cities in the country.
The hardworking men and women of the Scottsdale police department have been cracking down on crime, resulting in a 12% reduction year-over-year in crime for the last 5 years. That gives homeowners peace of mind that they can enjoy their life here without impediments.


If you are looking for the best area to live in Scottsdale, reach out to our team and we’ll help! We love this city so much and look forward to you joining the beauty of Scottsdale!

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